Meeting Demands, LLC plans, manages and executes meetings and events for the business-to-business, association and business-to-consumer markets.

We serve companies at the local and national levels, organizing an event from start-to-finish or providing our services on an “a la carte” basis.

Too often these days, companies are solely focusing on the social media trend. There is no question that social media outlets are a successful, far-reaching mode of communication with colleagues, customers and prospects. However, some companies are using this marketing and education outlet to replace personal outreach to their audiences. THAT is a mistake.

What about the basics? A handshake. A face-to-face meeting. An event. The connection made when you meet in person remains unrivaled. In-person opportunities are vital to building and maintaining a successful business foundation. To pursue your business development goals you should absolutely follow the current trends but do not forget to go back to the basics. Engage your audience — in person.

Let us take on the overwhelming details of planning an event so you can focus on your core business practices.

Turn over your event planning needs to Meeting Demands with peace of mind, knowing they will be flawlessly executed. We specialize in:

  • Comprehensive Start-to-Finish Event Planning
  • On-Site Event Support (Trip Directing)
  • Registration and Attendee Management
  • Site Selection
  • Speaker Acquisition & Management
  • Special Event Development & Coordination
  • Sponsorship Packaging & Fulfillment
  • Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiation

Every event demands the best — whether it is a group of 5 or 5,000. Contact us to create your engaging event.